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The Holistic Menopause and Menopause Online Courses provide you with a convenient, inexpensive and tremendously life-enhancing way to fully “Embrace the Change.” Be empowered with the knowledge, skills, resources and support you need to embrace this profound time of life with confidence, honor and ease in the comfort of your own home. Learn more…


Personal Consultations

Each woman experiences this natural life transition in a unique way. And, every woman deserves individualized attention, information she can count on, a compassionate ear, heartfelt support and safe holistic approaches for symptom relief and natural hormonal balance. A Personal Consultation is guaranteed to save you time, money and energy! Learn more…


About Michelle

Michelle Prince has been a holistic health student, practitioner and teacher for over 35 years. Skilled and certified in multiple body/mind therapies, and with a long career in the Natural Products Industry, Michelle combined her knowledge of nutrition and supplementation with a passion for empowering women to introduce Holistic Menopause in 2004. Learn more…

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