Embracing Menopause

When 12 months have passed without a period, you have officially reached menopause. By now, you have likely become more at ease and confident with your transition, and your estrogen dominance symptoms will have begun to subside. Following the long and often challenging years of wildly fluctuating hormones during perimenopause, the arrival of menopause brings a sign of relief, and for many women, a revitalized spirit and a profound sense of personal freedom.

Women often report feeling empowered, not only because of the biological changes that take place in menopause, but because of the point in life at which it occurs. After 50+ years of the ups and downs of relationships, raising children and managing careers, women are more likely to pursue what they really want in life with a greater sense of purpose and confidence.

What Margaret Mead referred to as “menopausal zest” is the rush of energy, both physical and psychological, that some women feel when they reach the milestone of menopause. This makes it a perfect time to take a fresh look at your relationships, your profession, your priorities in life and how you want to expend your energy.

Menopause is the perfect time to reinvent yourself for the next chapter of life.

Menopause ushers in the profound realization that the autumn of your life is upon you. As you naturally re-evaluate your goals and dreams, and become more dedicated to living authentically, you may also begin to question parts of your life that you once felt happy and secure with. As a result, women often change career paths and leave unhappy marriages. “To thine own self be true” is the mantra of the menopausal woman.

Physically, you are more aware than ever of your changing body and realize that it demands extra care and concern. The “loud” symptoms of estrogen dominance during perimenopause have become silent with bone loss and cardiovascular health of paramount concern. At this point in life, you can no longer take your health for granted without serious consequences. If you haven’t maintained your health and vitality, this is your fork in the road. Will you choose a sedentary life or an active one?

The face of menopause has changed. Fifty is the new forty and women are living longer, healthier, more personally rewarding lives. Celebrate “the wise woman years” with a rite of passage ceremony and a zest for living. It’s time for YOU. And, what a spiritually rich time it is. Embrace it!