Helping Women “Embrace the Change” Since 2004

Hello, and thank you for reading more about me and how Holistic Menopause began nearly 13 years ago.

If you’re like me, “the change” really caught you by surprise. Sure, we knew this natural life transition would arrive someday, but we didn’t expect it so soon, or so intensely. And, we sure didn’t realize how much it would impact every aspect of life; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

With my healthy lifestyle, I just assumed I would breeze right through menopause. But, that wasn’t the case at all. By 46, I had a long list of symptoms and despite training in various holistic modalities and my knowledge of supplements and herbs, I had no idea what to do. The word “perimenopause” wasn’t even used yet and I was afraid that something was either terribly wrong with me or I was going crazy. I thought, “If I’m experiencing this, other women must be too”.

I introduced Holistic Menopause in 2004 after realizing that I, and an entire generation of women, had embarked on a long journey without a map to safely guide our way. So, armed with a passion for wellness and helping others, this “research junkie” developed a roadmap through perimenopause and menopause from a positive, empowering and holistic point of view. 

It’s my hope that the information you find here and in my Facebook group, will empower you with the knowledge, skills, resources and support to embrace perimenopause and menopause with confidence, honor and ease.

Please feel free to contact me if I can be of support to you in any way.