Embracing Perimenopause

Perimenopause begins sooner than you might expect and can span 5-15 years of your life. In fact, it’s not unusual to notice hormonal changes in your mid to late 30’s, but you may not identify them as perimenopause related due to your age.

The symptoms of estrogen dominance are the first sign that your perimenopause journey has begun. Due to increasingly present estrogen mimicking, endocrine disrupting chemicals in our foods, the environment and the products we use on a daily basis, coupled with our busy lifestyles, women are experiencing hormonal imbalances much earlier in life than ever before.

The symptoms of estrogen dominance make their debut in perimenopause and can cause a great deal of concern for women. This usually leads to a visit to the doctor. But, few doctors acknowledge the perimenopause phase of the natural life transition of menopause and tend to treat it like a “disease.” Prescribing anti-depressants or synthetic hormone replacement therapy, including “the pill,” are the standard allopathic approach. Or, you might get a pat on the back and told to come back when you’re closer to 50.

Your journey through perimenopause is complete when you reach menopause which occurs when an entire 12 months have passed without a menstrual cycle.  Once you reach actual menopause, you will have become much more at ease and confident with your transition, and your symptoms estrogen dominant symptoms will begin to subside. Loud and clear during perimenopause, your symptoms will become quiet in menopause, when bone and cardiovascular health demands your attention.