A Telephone Consultation will point you in the right direction for the journey ahead.

Every woman deserves individualized attention, information she can count on, a compassionate ear, heartfelt support and safe holistic approaches for symptom relief and natural hormonal balance. Avoid time consuming, trial-and-error approaches and achieve better results in less time with fewer products.

Address your unique signs and symptoms for fast, safe and effective results.

Each woman experiences this natural life transition in her own unique way. What helps your friend relieve her symptoms, may do nothing for you at all, and even make you feel worse. A holistic approach discovers and addresses the core cause of your unique, specific symptoms rather than simply masking the symptom itself. 

Your Telephone Consultation includes:

1) An extensive questionnaire to evaluate your specific symptoms, lifestyle choices, health conditions, etc.
2) :30 minutes together on the telephone to review your questionnaire and answer your questions.
3) A careful review of your supplements, medications and foods for symptom aggravators.
4) A thorough analysis of your medications, their side effects and contraindications to assure your safety.
5) Recommendations for supplements, products, foods and lifestyle changes to bring your desired results.
6) Compassionate, individualized, heart-felt support.

        Just $45.00

Following your payment…

1) Your Telephone Consultation Questionnaire is instantly available to download following your payment. This questionnaire gives me an overview of your unique signs, symptoms and lifestyle. It also provides me with the supplements and medications you’re currently using, which I carefully check for contraindications before making any recommendations. Simply open it, complete the questions carefully, save it as a Word Doc and email it to me as an attachment.

2) Next, we’ll spend :30 minutes together on the phone. We’ll discuss your questionnaire, share stories, explore any life circumstances, dietary issues, health conditions, etc. that could be contributing to your symptoms, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

3) You will then receive a follow-up email, listing the suggestions we discussed during our telephone time together.

I’ll be looking forward to helping you, “Embrace the Change!