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I’ve been fascinated with women’s wellness and reproductive health since taking a sex education class in the sixth grade. There were a lot of kids in our neighborhood, of which I was the oldest at 12, and I have vivid memories of gathering the girls around a tree in my yard to share, usually with hand drawn pictures, the amazing things I had learned in class. Raised as an only child, perhaps I was playing “big sister” to these younger girls? All I know is that I felt so passionate about what I’d learned that I wanted to share it with others. With their undivided attention and fascination, they were always eager to learn more, and I was too. 

As a teenager, long before the internet, I was constantly researching everything about holistic health, herbal medicine, aromatherapy and nutrition that I could possibly get my hands on. I soon began making my own herbal remedies and chemical free body care products and mixing essential oils for specific wellness benefits. I co-owned a small business in my 20’s before having a downhill skiing accident, losing my mother at just 62, and going through a divorce. These things changed the trajectory of my life which would find me living in an intentional community and retreat center in Northern California. 

I became a Massage Therapist while living at Harbin Hot Springs and worked on their staff while refining and broadening my skills in holistic health and the healing arts including certifications in Shiatsu, Watsu and working with Bach Flower Remedies. I found that many of my clients experienced an emotional release during their session with me, and I wanted to hold the space for them in a deeper, more meaningful way. So, I became a certified Hypnotherapist (450 hours) and studied Rebirthing Breathwork with the renowned Leonard Orr. 

In 1988, I moved to the Los Angeles area where I enjoyed an amazing clientele of more “mainstream” massage clients for the next 10 years. My only child was born in Laguna Beach when I was 39, and the following year after a long program, I was certified as a Life Coach through Coach University with him at my breast. When it seemed time to get a “real job” I began my 20+ year career in the Natural Products Industry as a manager at Mother’s Market, followed by representing many leading nutritional supplement, herbal medicine and body care brands as a broker, and later with a manufacturing company in Phoenix, AZ.

I had just turn 47 when I noticed the signs and symptoms of “the change” but I didn’t yet know that’s what it was. I’d always been super healthy and suddenly I felt like there was something terribly wrong with me. I was confused and frightened as my symptoms seemed to be taking control of my life. Exceptionally heavy periods found me meeting with my Gynecologist for answers. I’ll never forget when he patted me on the back saying I was “too young for menopause” and told me to come back when I was 52. Of course, he also wanted to prescribe birth control pills and an antidepressant. I said no to both and dove into countless hours of in-depth research on natural hormonal balance. Much of my inspiration came from Dr. Christian Northrup through her book, “The Wisdom of Menopause” and the work of Dr. John Lee.

I had to face the fact that despite my long background in holistic health and a vast knowledge of supplements, herbal medicine and natural remedies, I had absolutely no idea how to deal with the strange new things I was experiencing in my body, mind and spirit. I also realized that if I was experiencing this with my background, there must be an entire (baby boom) generation of women feeling just as loss and afraid as I was. As a Women’s Empowerment Coach and Hypnotherapist, it only seemed natural to shift my focus to supporting other women during the natural life transition of menopause. 

It was while living in Phoenix that I introduced Holistic Menopause in June of 2004 and I’ve since helped countless women around the world “Embrace the Change” with workshops, online retreats and Personal Consultations. Reflecting back to that circle of girls under the tree in my yard when I was 12, working with women through Holistic Menopause feels like a purposeful, passionate destiny that was set in place long, long ago. Knowing I’ve made a positive difference in someone’s life and provided them with the knowledge, skills, resources and support to embrace perimenopause and menopause with confidence, honor and ease, fills my heart to the brim. The world needs empowered women!

Nearly 16 years have passed and this “research junkie” continues to learn something new every day. Unfortunately, the vast majority of medical doctors continue to approach menopause just as they always have and few seem to even acknowledge perimenopause, the long phase before actual menopause. They tend to focus almost exclusively on estrogen while all but ignoring progesterone. And, the standard protocol for symptom relief remains the same to this day. A prescription for The Pill and an anti-depressant, along with their harmful side effects. That might be fine for some, but if you’re seeking a natural approach to this natural life transition, that just won’t do. 

My mother passed of pancreatic cancer at just 62. I was only 29 and menopause was nowhere in my consciousness. But, I remember when my mom went through it very well. She was terribly depressed and even suicidal at times, had what I now recognize was untreated hypothyroidism and she went from a vivacious full-of-life woman to a shell of her former self. I don’t want to see that happen to you or any other woman. Not when there are easy solutions to not only survive but thrive during this profound time of immense change. I’m here to support you in thriving and achieving long-term wellness. Most of us have a long life ahead, so let’s make the most of it!

Now, I’m not a doctor and I don’t claim to know everything. Still, after providing hundreds of Personal Consultations over the last 15+ years, not a single woman has said she wasn’t happy with the results of my recommendations and every one of them has reported feeling much more positive and empowered to face the years ahead with confidence and grace. You see, I don’t believe in just taking a random herb or supplement that will relieve your hot flashes. That simply doesn’t work. It’s important to remember that every woman in the world will experience “the change” in her own unique way. And, what works for one, doesn’t necessarily for another and can even be counter-productive and dangerous. 

If you’re seeking ways to achieve natural hormonal balance and long to regain your zest for life, consider a Personal Consultation with me. I’m here to guide you on this long journey, helping you to avoid wrong turns and dead ends along the way. I’ve done many years of research for you and am confident that I can lead you on a path of renewed energy, weight loss, a revitalized libido an overall feeling of empowerment and so much more. 

This transition can be really rough. It's also represents the opportunity for profoundly positive changes in every aspect of your life. I promise, you can feel good again!



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