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If you're like most women, you're noticing signs of "the change" and you're seeking symptom relief.  Since 2004, I've had a passion for helping women  find their way during this challenging time of life. I'm here to provide you with not only a holistic, natural approach to symptom relief, but also the necessary knowledge, skills, resources and support to empower you to embrace perimenopause and menopause with confidence, honor and ease. 

My in-box is always filled to the brim. Most of the emails I receive are from confused, worried, fearful and completely overwhelmed women who often feel like something is terribly "wrong" with them. After all, the onset of this natural life transition isn’t something most of us are at all prepared for. Far beyond hot flashes and mood swings, perimenopause and menopause will impact every aspect of your life; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  

I’d love to reply to each email I receive with safe and effective recommendations for symptom relief, but it simply doesn’t work like that. You see, each and every one of us will experience "the change" in our own unique way. What helps one woman relieve 

her symptoms, might not work for another, may cause the worsening of symptoms 

and even be potentially dangerous. A Personal Consultation evaluates your unique perimenopause experience, saving you time, money and energy.  


Perimenopause, the phase before reaching menopause, can last 5+ years making it essential that you learn how to gracefully navigate the peaks and valleys of this long journey.  As your guide, I'll direct you on the right path, help you avoid wrong turns 

and dead ends along the way, and provide you with the skills and resources you'll need to safely arrive at your destination; natural hormonal balance and symptom relief. 

Sure, you can set out without a compass and perhaps eventually find your way. 

You can spend countless hours weeding through confusing, dated, and often inaccurate information on hundreds of websites and try to piece together a plan. But, that's a daunting and time consuming task that usually leads to expensive, trial-and-error attempts that not only don't work, they can make you feel worse. Who’s got time for that, right? So, I’ve done the work for you!  

I’ve combined 35 years of experience in holistic health and the healing arts, and over 20 years working with leading nutritional supplement and herbal medicine brands in the Natural Products Industry, to provide you with an individualized, results driven program.  If you're ready to feel better, invest in yourself and schedule your Personal Consultation today. 

I've lowered my rate through the month of February to be of support to more women, so it's a great time to get started on a healthy path for the New Year. I invest several hours in each individual Personal Consultation making it a big bang for your buck with guaranteed positive results if you follow my guidance. 

The journey ahead is long and requires preparation. Allow me to be your guide! 

How your personal consultation works


Complete My In-Depth Questionnaire

After purchasing your Personal Consultation, you'll receive my in-depth questionnaire via email. This provides me with the detailed information necessary to develop your personalized program. Please take your time to accurately complete it, including any existing health conditions you may have, along with any prescribed medications, nutritional supplements and/or herbal medicine you are currently using. 

Our Telephone Conversation

We'll spend about 30 - 45 minutes on the phone together. This gives me the opportunity to learn more about your unique symptoms and personal challenges. This is a great time to share stories and more information, to discuss how you're doing mentally, emotionally and physically, and to review your questionnaire in more depth.  Women tend to experience an attitude shift and enhanced sense of empowerment following the telephone portion of a Personal Consultation. 

Your Personalized Program

Next, I prepare the written portion of your Personal Consultation. Usually between 10-13 pages long, it's designed to give you an overall understanding of "the change" 

and provides extensive information about your unique symptoms and their core cause. You'll receive bountiful recommendations specifically for you, including suggested foods, supplements, herbal remedies, lifestyle changes and much more to address your symptoms and long-term wellness. 

Follow-Up Phone Conversation

Your Personal Consultation concludes with a follow-up telephone call to answer any questions you may have regarding the written portion you received. That's it! You're ready to move forward on a solid path of natural hormonal balance, symptom relief and a healthy future!


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